Dyeing :

Different kind of yarn are dyed at different places. Woolen yarn of 0 count, 10s, 30s, 60s, 80s, or any other are being dyed in and around Mirzapur, and for Polyester Yarn Dyeings like Polyester fine yarn, Polyester malai yarn, Fur Yarn or any other polyester yarn we get the same dyed from the area around 1400 km away from our place. This is for the reason that we believe in quality dyeing and we get the rugs made out of the materials, which are best in every respective manner.

Weaving units :

Being cottage industry we have scattered manufacturing units of handmade area rugs and carpets including hand-tufted, hand-knotted and handwoven, in and around Mirzapur, with a radius of 50 kms approximate.

Finishing & packing :

Our area Rugs are finished, inhouse, as this is the final stage, and we do not wish to take any kind of risks, in any manner.

Export :

We export handmade area rugs worldwide. So it's not the matter where you are from, we can deliver handmade area rugs, made in India, at your doorsteps, if you wish so. We work on FOB, CIF, DDP, DDU, whatever suits you.

Our Goal :

Customers Satisfaction. If they are satisfied, we are HIGHLY satisfied.
We invite your any comments, clarifications, informations from us. We are always there to provide you in best possible manner.


These are some of the pictures of different types of manufacturing of handmade carpets and rugs. For more details of any specific type, you may contact us.

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