Hand-knotted Silk Rugs:


Hand-knotted Original Silk Area Rugs:

To explain briefly these hand-knotted silk carpets and rugs are made in fine knots, mostly 324 knots (80% silk 20% cotton) & 576 knots (100% SILK) per sq inch, also named as silk on cotton, or silk-on-silk carpets.

These are also some different names allocated to these silk carpets. Some call Kashmir silk carpets, some Kashmiri, many Cashmere, but please note that all these are same.

We have made a separate website for original silk carpets and rugs, which may also be visited at www.originalsilk-rugs.com

Hand-knotted original silk carpets:

We provide a certificate of authenticity of silk carpets, some of the pictures are for your reference. For more details, you may always contact us.

Hand-knotted artificial silk rugs:

There are many names allotted to this kind of carpets, some say, art silk knotted carpets, some staple, some viscose, but please note that all these are the same. This means if you have a carpet that shines, is soft, and looks like silk, but not silk carpets then these are artificial silk carpets.

Mostly knots of 125 knots per sq inch is the running quality in this segment, some of the designs are hereunder. You may see that these kinds of carpets have always traditional and very heavy designs, not open or modern designs.

Some PICTURES OF artificial silk rugs for your kind reference for more details you may always contact us.

Hand-knotted viscose carpet:

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