Rug Buying Tips


When you buy a rug for your home, or your designer get the rug made for you, size has to be very well taken care of.

Here in Custom Made (Glossary)Rugs section, we take utmost care of these factors. Size of Rug really matters a lot. Size and shape of an area rug should be considered, depending on your taste, furniture, and space, you have. You should be clear that you need a palace-sized rug for the centerpiece of a large room, or do you need a few small rugs for fun accents around the house?

Bedroom Rug Size :

If your room size is 12'x15', with bed size of approximate 60'x80', you can lay 4' x 6' at the foot of the bed and a 2'6" x 10' runner and 3' x 5' on either side of the bed.

Dining Room Rug Size :

The dining table measures a standard 42" x 64". Note that if the rug measures 8' x 10' (as it does here), there is room to pull the chairs out from the table with the back legs of the chairs remaining on the rug. If the back chair legs go off the rug, it's difficult to sit down and scootch the chair in to the table while simultaneously lifting the back legs.

A rug measuring 8' x 10' is usually the place to begin in a dining room, but note that other considerations can affect the size you choose:

A carpet with allover design? We sometimes wonder if it is us or our customers, but rugs destined for use in dining rooms often seem to end up with allover designs. It makes some sense that this be so. With the table and chairs covering the center of the carpet, there can be a little psychological mystery about what lies in the center of the rug. Is that a central medallion in the design under the table, or a forgotten napkin, or a sleeping cat? A rug with an allover pattern dispells the mystery.

Living Room Rug Size :

A living room rug can be any size, from a 3'x 5' or 4' x 6'.

You can use quite a small rug as the "main" rug in a living room. An arrangement consisting of a 5' x 8' rug centered on the fireplace in front of a couch and endtables, and flanked by two upholstered easychairs, will occupy a floor space of about 12' x 18'.

If room size is 12' x 24' :

Two 8' x 10' rugs or one 9' x 12' and 6' x 9' size rugs.

Remember Runners look great in hallways, lobby, while round, oval, and square rugs are suited for your office space. Rectangular rugs are by far the most common shape and more widely available.

Colors (Glossary)are key. Everyone sees color in slightly different ways. The colors of handmade Persian rugs can vary from dominant, rich, red hues to calm beige and camel variations. You'll find that the color of your rug seems to vary over the course of the day, as natural lighting has a magical effect on the wool and silk materials of high quality rugs. And you might feel that there are too many complex colors in one rug. You will be amazed, however, when some subtle colors in a complex design are enhanced by the color of your walls, furniture, or floors.

You may visit the area rug range, which are manufactured in India. We can make them again for you, as per your color, design and size.

Material Used in Rugs :

In case of Handknotted Rugs :Cotton Yarn &Woolen yarn ; Handtufted Rugs : Woolen Yarn and cotton yarn ; Indo-nepalese Rugs : Cotton Yarn &Woolen yarn ; Shaggy Rugs : Art.silk yarn/Polyester Yarn & cotton Yarn ; Silk rugs : Wool/Silk and cotton yarn etc.

Woolen Yarn may be Indian wool, blended(Glossary) or 100% New Zealand Wool. Dyes we use are chrome dyes (Glossary)or vegetable dyes (Glossary)as the case may be.


No furnishing or decor can match the value, functionality, durability, and beauty that fine handmade rugs give their owners. A good handmade rug will last for generations, age beautifully, appreciate over time, become an heirloom, be a magnificent combination of function, beauty and value. They are true works of art that you live on- it is what one can say: "Walk on art".

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