What are Natural Fiber Rugs

When you get transformed inherent natural beauty on floor you can say thats the natural rug. If you are eco friendly or wish to be close to nature you will love these types of rugs. These rugs are made with different natural fibres like hemp, sisal, water reed, abaca, banana, jute, palm, hyacinth, raffiya, okra (Ladies finger), sea garss, keshab etc. The weaving patterns are plain, braided, basket-weave, pop-corn & herringbone designs. In some cases these are made directly from fibers but in other cases yarns are first made with these fibers and then these are being used to make the rugs.

The weaving pattern is mostly hand woven and are mostly flat weaves, all range of our carpet's are hand made and eco-friendly and also it's good for health. These natural items offer the rugs with touch of nature.

Custom Natural Fiber Rugs

Can we customise these natural rugs as per our sizes? You can have these carpets in your sizes, being manufacturers we can even make one rug for your in your size, but it should be atleast 3 sq mtrs and above. Shipments of these rugs can be done worldwide.


Some pictures for your kind reference, for more details you may always contact us.

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