Loom Rugs and Carpets


Manufacturing handloom carpets and rugs are like weaving a fabric, in earlier cases the handloom only comes with loose back, mean like hand - tufted, but with the advancement of technique, we can also have the carpet tight like hand-knotted back.

Popularity of handloom rugs in wool, bamboo silk, linen yarn, viscose yarn are increasing as against handtufted style, for the reason of faster production and better quality. The main disadvantage is that we cannot have any type of designs made in this pattern, only stripes, boxes, plain or other simple geometric pattern moves. The pattern of weaving are loom-knotted back, double back or normal handloom weave.

There are different pattern moves in this segment, mostly are solids, or say plain carpets, loop cut stripes, boxes etc. With mostly width upto 12ft or say 4mtr, length can be upto 25mtrs or 80ft.

Handloom Rugs

These pictures are for an idea, more range can be sent to you by email, once you contact us.

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