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Have you heard of KILIM RUGS?

Choosing the best rug is just not easy, and when it comes to home décor we make and drop many plans. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Flat-weave kilim dhurries are one of the most popular tapestries that people can buy, as they come in various styles, colors and designs. They can also be created to match any theme that you want for your home. Why kilim rugs are called flat-weave kilim rug? This is because they are pile less rugs which are generally flat in characteristics. Kilim rugs are less costly and readily available and also is easier to make. Kilims can be just eye-catching rugs or rugs with theme of some religious or traditional beliefs. They can be used for decorating furniture, floors, walls and doors of houses and are also used for enchanting prayers.

Kilims have been around for a thousand years now. Experts believe that kilim originated from turkey and was made of animal skin and other organic material back then. And now after discovering of weaving material kilims are manufactured from the same material that is used in present-day handmade rugs such as animal hair, wool, cotton and other organic fibres. Kilim rugs have been primarily woven and used by nomads throughout Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and a few other middle east countries.

Kilim rugs are made using weaving techniques that have been used for thousands of years. One of the most popular techniques used in weaving a kilim is the flat-weave.

Are Traditional And Kilim Rugs Same?

 It’s not that you buy a carpet or rug very often. This is why you need to choose for the best, to save your money and get the best value for your money as well as to get something in the long run. We often make wrong choices and mostly we get confused in identifying the types. So, I would like to make things a bit easier for you by stating the difference between traditional and kilim rugs.

There are some major differences between kilim and traditional rugs. The first is the weaving technique that is used in creating kilim rugs. Kilim rugs are generally woven using the flat-weave method and this makes them generally flat and of thinner characteristics than traditional rugs. As the kilim is flat, it's mostly lightweight as compared to the pile and knotted rugs. On the other hand, traditional rugs are a bit softer because they have a pile that creates a raised surface. This effect is achieved through compressing supplementary wefts to the warps using knotting techniques. This results in making the traditional rugs heavier and thicker than kilim. However, the thickness and weight don't matter, they don't tell you about quality. But buying a hand-woven kilim rug will ensure longevity, attractiveness, versatility, and durability.

Another important difference is the variety of themes and designs. In kilim rugs, there is more freedom when it comes to the design that you can achieve. You can get more modern and bohemian designs from Kilims than traditional rugs.

Why should we go for a flat-weave kilim rug?

We always try to create or have something unique, or just be a little different and most importantly show off a little bit, everyone does that. Yeah, investing in rugs is a great investment. And if that rug has a history, which can perfectly fit in your traditional sophisticated look or just modern crazy look. A rug that is readily available, cheaper, and can be folded when not in use. Most importantly we are all always concerned about the laundry, so good news is it is so easy to wash.

Flip your rug to the other side and if you can see the theme or the design, then that particular rug is handmade and if the design is not visible on the back of the rug then it is machine-made. We can also inspect the materials used. The handmade kilims use just one kind of material such as wool or cotton. Whether you choose to place your flat-weave kilim dhurrie on the floor or hang it on the wall, it represents the artistic creation, stories of its maker as well as the beauty and romance of its history. Choose a rug that you can not only choose for home décor but can fall in love with.

Are Kilim carpets only flatweave :

Earlier these carpet were made only in the flat weave but due to an increase in demand, we are also manufacturing these kilim carpets in pile too. So if you need the plush and thick look and feel you can opt for the second weaving style. Mostly hand-tufted patterns are being used to achieve the results.

Can we have a long kilim runner rug?

Yes, Kilim Runner rugs are normally bedside runner or in the corridor or at someplace in the room for decoration. Even if you need big sizes runners we have looms in very big sizes too, to meet your demand.

Designs of kilim rugs


Designs of kilim runner rugs


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