Where can we find the best Luxury Carpet?

The straight answer is a manufacturer can offer you best quality Luxury Carpet as per your requirements. These types of carpets can be hand-tufted or even hand-knotted. Mostly myth is that only hand-knotted carpets are luxury carpets but this is not the fact. Hand-tufted carpets are being in very high demand in the luxury segment.

What materials are being used in Luxury carpet?

When we talk for the luxury it's also the durability which should be taken in consideration. The best combination of luxury carpet is New Zealand wool mix with silk, which may be artificial silk or real silk depending upon your budget. These can be thick or thin as per your taste, depending on the type of designs you will choose. The materials are also highly depending upon pattern you select.

The luxury carpet can be asked for any area, may this be Yacht, Villas, Penthouses, Apartments, Resorts, Suits in hotels, Boutique places, and High-end showrooms and so on. These luxury carpets don't have many designs, to give elegant look.

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