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Wall Hangings:


What are hand-woven wall hangings?

Obviously as the name suggests, it’s a form of textile art where a wall hanging is hand-crafted and used as decorative pieces. It is also popularly known as a wall tapestry. Since ancient times, this wall hanging was traditionally hand woven, using a loom with a variety of threads. This was one of the artistic ways to tell a tale. Basically, these handwoven wall hangings contain patterns and images that conveyed historical accounts or communicate any idea.

The tapestry was traditionally woven by hand and would be weft-faced weaving. Weft and warp are the two significant components of yarns. One runs horizontally while the later one vertically. The initial step is to create the warp on loom with thin yarn. The horizontal component, the weft is repeatedly woven under the vertical component; warp using shed stick and stick shuttle. Once this is done, the yarn is tied at the bottom and the weft is tamped down in order to bring them close, which further hides the warp entirely. Hence, in the end, the warp is tightly hidden and work is finished. The majority of the professional weaver use naturally obtained thread, like wool, cotton, and others. Effortlessly, skilled weavers bring out the intricate designs and patterns with the use of a wide range of colors while weaving. Weavers then create fringes, where the yarn is cut into pieces and threads of yarn are wrapped behind the warp. The yarn ends are pulled through the loop. And, the space of the fringe is filled with weaving.


Why do you need wall hanging?

Now the question that arises is what does one need wall hangings for? Aren’t decorative wall paints enough? In my opinion, they are definitely not enough. For the very reason that at some point your wall does get boring to look at, right? Well, it does for me so if one could actually have a unique piece of art to stare at; it would definitely count as a boon. Above all, wall hanging differs in sizes and patterns, as they range from small, creative hangings to large classic tapestries giving you numerous options to choose from. It all goes to how you want and where you want to hang on these tapestries. Whether you want them in bright but pale shades to go with the décor or you might want your wall hanging as a center of attraction for guests and for yourself? Accordingly, if your choice is first one then choose small size hangings which could be used as decorative in the hallway or kitchen. Whereas, if you are thinking of placing your rug in the bedroom or living room go for the traditional and classic tapestries. Assuredly you are going to fall in love with this storytelling masterpiece.

Moreover, the benefit of purchasing hand-woven wall hanging is that you can customize them according to your personal style and décor. So either you choose the standard one or the customized one. Both will prove profitable in terms of quality. Such classic and traditional wall hanging gives your home a luxurious and charming look. And the best part is they work with all kinds of décor, whether it’s modern, classic, eclectic or any other.

Thoughts to ponder!
Wall hanging comes in diverse ranges and their use varies depending on your personality and styles. Hence, it is advisable for you to go through a huge collection and choose your unique masterpiece. Likewise, keep your interior decoration also in mind, you don’t want to go against the flow and regret later, isn’t it? In fact, discuss with your interior designer, he/she can help you come up with brilliant ideas. Moreover, you can also take our help to come to a conclusion, we will be more than happy to help you.


Cushion Covers :

Well, admit or not whenever you visit someone’s house your subconscious mind might be busy catching the glimpse of the most attractive element in the room while you greet your friend. Quite similarly it happens when someone makes a visit at your home. Now the question is what is that eye-catching element in your beautiful home? You got good news right there for you! It completely depends on you; it can be anything a decorative piece, wall hangings or something else. However, if you ask me, I would personally suggest you cushion covers. Well, yeah you read that right, the best yet the easiest element. Certainly, you can give your personal space a quick makeover and a splash of color with these attractive cushions. Without a doubt, cushion covers are simply alluring comfort pieces for your perfect couch. Moreover, cushion covers come with a wide variety of colors and textures. Since these are capable to reflect your mood; you get to create a delightful corner for yourself. Furthermore, with different seasons come different shades, so you don’t really have to just stick to one mood. But wait, that’s not all because you get to add all these comforting touches at a very affordable price, making it a better deal altogether.


Why choose hand-woven cushion covers?

Hand-woven cushion covers give a rich, luxurious and diverse dimension to your beautiful home. Their range is diverse, with endless elegance and stunning shades. Indeed, Classic collections of hand-woven cushion covers are pure pleasure to one’s eye. Contrasting to the machine-made covers, hand-crafted cushion covers actually highlight the hard work and skills behind it. These are classic and unique in design, texture, colors, pretty much in every way.

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