Thick wool shag rug-shaded : Made in wool, with effect of 2-3 colour dyeing in single hank, which gives you wave effect. Very useful and high demanding for trendy and modern home. Wool used to make the shag rug is soft, natural, cozy and eco-friendly. We also have loop pattern shag rug which looks like small rug balls have been spread all over the floor.

Thick Wool Shaded Shag Rug- grey Thick Wool Shaded Shag Rug-beige Thick Wool Shaded Shag Rug-beige-green Thick Wool Shaded Shag Rug-light greish
Thick Wool Shaded Shag Rug-reddish Thick Wool Loop Shaggy- dark brown Thick Wool Loop Shaggy Rug- Brown Thick Wool Loop Shaggy Rug- Orange
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