We are also into manufacture of hand tufted Rugs in India. Handtufted Rugs are rugs which are manufactured by hand tufting by gun, on cotton cloth, locked on frame. After the Tufting is done backing is done. These are Primary backing & secondary backing. One may also called this cloth backed rugs.

These handtufted Rugs are made in wool pile. The wool being used are Indian Bikaner Wool, Blended wool (Indian wool and New Zealand wool), & 100% New Zealand wool.

Handtufted Rugs are available in different ranges made by us :-

1. Animal Design Rugs : These are cut shape rugs made in handtufted, depicting the replicas of animal designs, their skin designs etc.
2. Kids Rugs : For kids we have some beautiful collections.
3. Modern Design or Contemporary Rugs : Rugs giving the modern/contemporary Design looks are covered under this category.
4. Persian Design Rugs : Rugs giving the traditional or say ethinic look are covered under this category.
5. Round Shaped Rugs : Rugs made in round shape are covered under this. Even other design of other category can also be made in round     shape.
6. Wall Coverings: We call this as separate category. The mats which we don’t wish to lay on floor are hanged on wall. Say Cross, Say any country name etc.
7. Yoga Rugs :- We have made some range as yoga mats. These are thick rugs, so that one may feel comfortable while performing yoga.

Handtufted Rugs are mostly made in Cut pile but loop pile can also be made.
We also undertake custom made handtufted rugs order, in pile height upto 20mm pile height.

Sizes : As per your demand. Normal sizes are IN FTS. 3.0x5.0, 4.6x6.6, 5.6x7.9, 6.6x8.3, 6.6x9.6, 8.3x10.0, 8.3x11.3, 10.0x13.0
In Cms. 090x160, 140x200, 170x240, 200x250, 200x300, 250x300, 250x350, 300x400

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